Sunday, January 22, 2012

Blog for Choice 2012

Hey everybody! Once again, it is Blog for Choice! As many of us know, it is the 39th Anniversary of Roe v. Wade. That is certainly something to celebrate! Unfortunately, there isn't too much to be happy about. In the past year there has been more anti-choice legislation passed than in any other year.

Abortion was obviously declared a legal medical procedure only 39 years ago, and yet it is being threatened more than ever. We would think that with all the problems facing healthcare and the budget and various other issues that abortion would stay on the back burner. That has not been the case. While the government should have been focusing on the issues at hand, they decided to take a turn at creating road-blocks when it comes to abortion.

Some of the most prominent cases have been the infamous heartbeat/personhood bills. Not only were the bills themselves absurd, so were the hearings. During a hearing in Ohio over the heartbeat bill, a 9 week old fetus "testified." How does a fetus do this? Well, turns out that they just ended up watching its sonogram on a projector screen. 

While all of this seems ridiculous, many states were able to at least limit the ability to get abortions. What does this mean for us? Should we give up? I'm going to have to go with NO. If anything, this should encourage us to fight harder for abortion rights. Join forces with your local NARAL Chapter or Planned Parenthood and start fighting!

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